Find the treasure of Causey Hall!


It’s a chilly Saturday morning and you are sitting on a train to Halifax. You stare out of the window, absentmindedly opening and closing the catch on an unusually ornate tin box. You found the box while you were helping your friend move house. Inside was a crumpled old page torn from a diary.

“It was part of a silly story that my great grandma used to tell,” your friend said,  “the story of the Mysterious Treasure of the Guilder; Spirit of Causey Hall.”

“My great grandma was a pupil at the Causey Hall School for Orphans, but the story was clearly imaginary,” they added. But you always liked a mystery and surely the story had some truth to it. You didn’t tell your friend, but you had already decided to go to Halifax, find the treasure and prove it wasn’t just a fantasy!

Click HERE to continue!

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