Starting in the foyer definitely seems like the right choice. Your wits are sharper when you’re sheltered and out of the biting wind.

Looking around the room you notice a couple of paint tins discarded to one side. ‘Gilded Age’ and ‘Blue Spirit’ read their labels. These seem pertinent somehow. Somebody has been renovating this building but the clean paint and smooth plaster hasn’t reached all of the areas of the room and an old school chair sits by the shabby unpainted window.

Climbing up to stand on the chair you get a different view of the room and feel unnerved by the shifting reflections in the window. Reaching out to rest on the window sill in the hope of steadying yourself your fingers touch a small piece of folded paper wedged in the corner of the frame. Your feel your heart pounding as you unfold the paper, being careful not to tear it. It is faded but you can just make out some handwriting in the dim light. Do these letters match the curly style of the diary page you have so often pored over? It looks like the same lettering, but what does it say? You make out only five words as the paper is torn, battered and stained.

‘… place for thinking…key to…’

Feeling elated at this significant clue you look about you. Where could be a place for thinking? The hall? Probably not. The kitchen? Not really. The most likely options you can come up with are the meeting room- lots of thinking would happen in meetings surely!- or the toilet- definitely a place to sit and contemplate! Which will it be? If you think the key lies in the meeting of minds head to the MEETING ROOM. If you think they key is in solitary consideration, go to the TOILET.

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